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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my nearest dealer?

You can find your local Marin Bikes Dealer by using our dealer locator.


What size bicycle do I need?

The sizing of our bikes varies slightly by model, and so does the range of sizes available. If you browse through our website to the model of bike you're interested in and click the little question mark next to the size range, you'll see what size of that particular model we recommend for your height.

There are many factors to choosing the right size bicycle. Arm, torso and leg length plus fitness level and flexibility are very important factors in the sizing process. For this reason, visiting your local dealer to fit you to a bicycle and provide test rides to ensure comfort and safety is the best way to get you on the proper size bike, especially if you are between sizes. We include size suggestions on the bike model overview tabs. You can see the Sizing Chart here.

I broke my derailleur hanger, where can I purchase a replacement?

Replacement derailleur hangers can be purchased through your local Marin Bikes dealer or US customers can visit our online store. Have your bike's serial number and model name handy when contacting a dealer for your replacement part. This will help them order the correct part for you. Your serial number can be found underneath the frame around the bottom bracket (area of frame where the cranks are attached to the bike). A replacement hanger chart can be found on our resources page.

How much do your bikes weigh?

We don't put bike weights on our website for several good reasons. First of all, we sometimes have to change the specs of a bike slightly from the specs listed on our website, which will affect the overall weight. The size of a bike also affects how much it weighs, so we'd have to publish several different weights for each model variant. If you're keen to find out how much one of our bikes weighs, we'd recommend popping into your local Marin dealer, who can put one on the scales for you.

What is the weight limit for my bike?

Please check the Marin owners manual for the weight limits, based on the type of bike. Riding style, riding conditions, and many other factors can be equally important as the weight of the rider. Additionally, the maximum weight that full suspension models are rated for can be limited by the maximum air pressure that the rear shock is rated for. Marin recommends that you have your bike inspected regularly by a qualified professional bike mechanic to ensure its integrity.

Does Marin offer touch up paint or replacement decals?

Due to the environmental impacts of producing and storing extra paint we have ceased to carry touch up containers. If you have a bike in need of some paint repair the best solution is to visit your local car repair or hobby store. Both of these resources have large assortments of paint and paint pens perfect for filling nicks and scratches. They also carry gloss and matte clear coats to match your frame finish.

The decals on our bikes are applied during the frame painting stage using specialized techniques and are not designed to be replaced after the final clear coat has been applied.

Can you repaint my Marin bicycle?

We do not repaint bicycles or offer custom paint jobs.

How can I get information on my suspension fork and rear shock?

The best place to start for a fork is the manufacturer's website. Type the manufacturer, model name, and year into your favorite search engine, and you should be able to find help, including recommended settings, service intervals, and more. Some manufacturers like Fox and RockShox also offer an app to help you set up your suspension without leaving your garage.

You can find recommended air pressure values for your bike's rear shock on that model's product page on our website or at Just weigh yourself (preferably in your riding kit), find your bike model, and set your shock to the indicated pressure. Note that proper sag settings are paramount to ensuring a proper ride. You can find air charts for our various full suspension models on our Support Resources page.

If your fork or shock isn't listed on a manufacturer's website, the next port of call should be your local Marin dealer.

Can I replace my rear shock with another model?

The original equipment shocks used on our full suspension models are custom-tuned for each model, and any shock that is purchased in the aftermarket will probably not have our proprietary internal damper tune.

In order to get the best tune on a shock you may need to pay for a factory service and re-tune the shock to our factory specs. Our suspension partners have this information.

What is the maximum fork travel I can have on my bike?

Fitting a longer travel fork to your bike than the one it came with will change the geometry, which may have unwanted effects when climbing and cornering and can also put more stress on your frame. Therefore, we'd stick with the frame's intended fork travel or only adjust this slightly. The axle-to-crown measurement of a replacement fork should vary no more than +/- 10mm from the stock fork.

If you're not getting on with the fork your bike came with, there are ways of tuning it to suit your riding style, such as adjusting compression damping or adding volume spacers. As always, ask your local bike shop if they can provide some personalized tuning tips.

What is the widest tire I can use on my bike?

Here at Marin, we're massive fans of fat tires for maximum grip and comfort. Tire clearance can be complex to put a number on because there's no standard way of measuring tires. Some manufacturers measure the tire at its widest point, whereas others measure the carcass of the tire (the middle bit minus the knobs). Plus, a given tire model will vary based on the width of the rim that is installed on. Tires are also handmade items and will have some variance.

An excellent first step is checking the tires your bike comes specced with. For example, if your bike was sold with 40mm tires, it'll be able to accept 40mm or smaller with no issues. For bikes with tighter clearances, such as our Gravel/Beyond Road range, we'll often specify the maximum tire width (for different wheel sizes, if applicable) on the bike's product page.

How can I tell if a specific new part will be compatible with my Marin?

Bicycles use many different sizes and standards of components. It’s important that you purchase, and install parts that are correct for your frame. Understand the correct fit for parts requires significant knowledge and experience, and it is not possible to compress that into a web site FAQ answer. We strongly suggest that you consult a qualified mechanic or sales person at your local bike store, to ensure you get the right part.

Can I fit a double or triple crankset to my bike?

When you buy a bike these days, there's a good chance it was designed to work with a single chainring crankset, meaning there won't be anywhere to mount a front derailleur or cable guides. Before taking the plunge and ordering a new crankset, we'd recommend talking to your local bike shop: a larger cassette or a smaller front chainring may give you the lower gears you need.

If you want to convert your double or triple-crankset bike to a single chainring, remember that this may also involve purchasing a new cassette, shifter, and derailleur. We recommend taking it to a bike shop so they can advise on what bits you need and what's compatible with your existing frame.

Can I fit a dropper post to my bike?

You can get a range of dropper posts to fit almost any bike these days, but you'll need to be careful that it's a compatible type. First, check whether your bike has internal routing for a dropper post - often, there will be a small port in the seat tube. Then check your seat tube diameter - you'll find this on the bike's model page on our website, under "Specifications," or check the existing seat post. Finally, the type of lever you need will vary, depending on whether you want to use the post with flat bars or drop bars. Your local Marin dealer will be able to advise.

Can I fit fenders to my bike?

No matter what your model bike is, an accessory will be available to keep the mud off it. Our Drop Bar, Bikepacking/Adventure, and Fitness/Transit ranges have mounting eyelets for fixed fenders. At the same time, our mountain bikes can be fitted with front fenders like our very own Marsh Guard, found in our online store. As always, your local Marin dealer can help you choose the perfect solution for your bike and your riding.

Can I fit a rack to my bike?

Our drop bar, bikepacking/adventure, select hardtails and fitness/transit ranges have frame mounting eyelets for racks. Other styles of racks are available to fit bikes without frame eyelets, such as Old Man Mountain or Tailfin racks. Racks are available in many variations to suit bikes with different wheel sizes, brake types, and load capacities. If you need help picking the perfect one, speak to your local dealer.

How do I clean my ebike?

Cleaning an ebike is very similar to cleaning a standard bike. You can use soap and water without worrying about the electrical components - go easy on places like battery charging ports, and don't use a power washer unless it's a bike-specific low-pressure one. We've produced a video showing you how to clean your e-bike, which can be found here.

Is my bike compatible with SRAM AXS T-Type?

SRAM T-Type derailleurs are designed to work with SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) direct mount technology. Some of our newer frames incorporate this technology - check compatibility via your local Marin dealer if you need clarification.


What is the warranty on my Marin bike?

You can review Marin Bike's North American Limited Warranty. Warranty coverage may vary based on country of residence. Contact your Marin Bikes dealer for detailed information on the warranty applicable to your market.

What happens when I have a warranty claim?

Our warranty conditions vary from country to country, so check with your local dealer. We'll repair or replace a defective frame and certain components in the US. If that's not possible, we will issue a credit note. Please note that suspension, drivetrain, and ebike drive units, batteries, controls, and such are subject to separate warranties from the manufacturers. Full details of our US warranty can be found here.

Can you send warranty items for my Marin directly to me?

In order to ensure your bike is restored to its proper functioning condition, we will only send warranty replacement items to Marin dealers for replacement.

I bought a Marin bicycle from a friend, is my bike still covered by a warranty?

Sorry, but no. The warranty is only available to the original purchaser of the Marin bike. However, if you need service parts we will still try to support you, so please reach out to your local Marin dealer.

Can I register my bike online?

Yes, please visit our bike registration page.

What is bike registration required for?

You don't have to register your bike, but it'll give extra proof of ownership and allow you to stay in touch for updates about new products, events, and good stuff happening in the Marin world. Plus, if you ever lose your serial number, you can contact our customer service department to retrieve it. Just note that registering your bike does not prove original ownership, so you will still need to have a proof of purchase from your Marin dealer for any warranty service.

What should I do if my bicycle gets stolen?

Report the theft to local law enforcement. Try to give them a description of your bike, some good-quality photos, and your frame serial number (you can find this under the bottom bracket shell, where the cranks attach to the frame). It also helps to share details of the theft on social media or via other networks like local bike shops. We also highly recommend Bike Registry.

I purchased my Marin bicycle from Performance Bicycle, how do I receive warranty service?

If you purchased a Marin bicycle from Performance Bicycle and it needs warranty attention, please take it your nearest Marin dealer. Please note that the dealer will need a copy of your original purchase receipt to process any warranty claims. Our warranty is only valid if the bicycle is purchased from, and assembled by, an authorized Marin dealer.


Can I purchase a bike directly from Marin

We believe in supporting our local dealer network and offering the best customer experience possible, so we don't provide a direct mail order service for bikes. In some countries, including North America, Canada, and the UK, you can purchase bikes on our website via our Click It To Ride service. It's our program that connects the purchaser with a Marin dealer, and the transaction is actually between you and the shop. The bike gets sent out to a local Marin dealer, where it's assembled and set up, ready for you to ride - no assembly required.

How do I get sponsored to ride my bike?

There's no easy answer to this! An excellent social media presence, a solid reputation in the riding community, incredible skills, or an interesting outlook on bikes and life can all help. Remember that sponsors are looking for some return on their investment, and you won't just be getting a bike or kit for free! Check out the interviews with some of our sponsored riders on our website, such as Mark Matthews and Martha Gill, to give you an idea of what's involved.

Where are Marin frames made?

Like most bike manufacturers, our bikes are designed in the West and made in the East. The manufacturing and quality control in the countries where our bikes are made is some of the best in the world, and our design team can work with our partners there to bring you their vision of the perfect bike at real-world prices.

How can I get some Marin stickers?

Those in the US can click here for information. Otherwise, head to the Marin retailer or catch us at an event.

Can you send me a catalog?

We do not produce catalogs in order to preserve our natural resources and to be able to provide the most up-to-date information on our models. Instead, we recommend utilizing our website to find information on our bikes or dropping by one of our Marin authorized dealers to check out our bikes in person.

Do you sell framesets?

We have a very limited selection of framesets for sale. Please contact your local Marin Bikes Dealer for pricing and availability.

Does Marin offer a military discount?

As we are not part of the transaction between our authorized dealers and the rider (our website click-and-collect program only enables the transaction to happen), we do not have the opportunity to extend any sort of discount.

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