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Marin Sustainability

The team at Marin consists of riders who care about the environment. We don't simply coast, feeling that we have "green equity" just because we make bicycles, an inherently durable and environmentally-friendly form of transportation. Rather we do our part to go above-and-beyond the norms to ensure that we all have the best possible places to live and ride, while minimizing the impact that is inherent in the manufacturing and marketing our lineup of bikes.

Green Bear Initiative

  • Green bear bg texture We have developed the Green Bear initiative, in partnership with our dealers, to ensure that the packaging used to ship new bikes to shops is disposed of in the most environmentally-friendly manner. This includes recycling and reusing materials as much as possible.
  • Duncan Shaw Workshop 314 A3784 Certified Marin "Green Bear" dealers are committed to using eco-friendly bike cleaners and lubricants in their service bays, and using green/renewable energy programs when available from their local utility providers.

Recyclable packaging & reuse

  • Packaging Pledge Facebook 820px x 462px We are proud to be part of the Cycling Industries Sustainable Packaging Commitment and proud that Marin was one of the first companies to sign the pledge. All our packaging will be reusable and recyclable by 2025. Learn more here.
  • C2 R Twitter 2 We're proud to be a launch partner with Call2Recycle and PeopleForBikes' industry-wide, voluntary ebike battery recycling program, to make sure that all electric bicycle batteries end up properly recycled and out of landfills. Learn more about this important program.
  • Marin box We ship our bikes to minimize waste and maximize the number of bikes shipped per container for efficiency, as well as ensuring that our bikes are well protected in transit. Because having to replace a damaged frame uses more resources, materials and shipping. We are also working on an initiative to further reduce the amount of plastics used. Packaging for our new parts and accessories line utilizes fully recyclable cardboard instead of plastic bags.
  • Cardboard Marin’s offices reuse shipping cartons and packaging material such as padding and zip ties to help keep usable items out of the waste stream. Order small parts or apparel from Marin, and the items will likely not arrive in new packaging.
  • Marin frame parts Our bikes are inherently durable, designed to provide long-lasting enjoyment, and are generally made of fully recyclable materials, such as aluminum and steel.

Transit & Carbon Offsets

  • Landscape WE COMMIT 2 Marin has signed on with Shift Cycling Culture's Industry Climate Commitment and is working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, and 100% no later than 2050. We are joining other leading cycling industry brands and organizations to collectively reduce emissions related to production, create longer-lasting product, and develop a closed loop system to recover materials. Learn more about the initiative at
  • 20 muirwoodsrc action 14 Marin employees who travel to the office via pedal power, public transportation, or carpooling are rewarded with commuter credits.
  • IMG 4008 Marin’s vehicle fleet is comprised of modern, fuel-efficient vehicles, and we run errands via bicycles when feasible.

Trail maintenance & local initiatives

  • Tidy Trail1 Marin employees and ambassador/athletes are active in our local communities, working to ensure that the trails we ride are left in better shape and cleaner after we ride. To get involved please reach out to us via @marinbikes_tidytrails on instagram
  • Tidy trails option Marin supports and promotes local initiatives that promote sustainability, and encourage dealer shop staffers to commute by bike or use public transportation when possible, organize a "Tidy Trails" day in their community, and to buy local whenever possible.

Ethical sourcing

  • Marin factory Our modern factory has been independently verified and vetted by third parties, and is a safe workplace that pays competitive local wages and upholds human and labor rights.